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PassMark, an additional layer of security for Internet Banking

Deerwood Bank is proud to announce a new level of security for our Consumer Internet Banking customers and Business Internet Banking customers that do not use Cash Management features (ACH, Wire Transfer and American Connection). The additional level of security to our log in process is called PassMark. It is the highest level of security available and will help ensure that your information is secure, protecting you from potential fraud and identity theft.

PassMark verifies your identity in two-ways. When you enroll in the new system, you will see a randomly selected image and you will select a pass phrase. Whenever you log in to Internet Banking, Deerwood Bank identifies you, and lets you identify us by displaying the image and the pass phrase that you have selected.

To enroll for PassMark follow these simple steps:

1.   Log in by entering your current Access ID and click SUBMIT
2.   Enter your current password and click SUBMIT
3.   Complete the enrollment form
      a. You must provide your current e-mail address
      b. Enter a pass phrase for the randomly selected private authentication image
      c. Provide answers for three (3) challenge questions
      d. Select whether you are logging in with your personal computer or a public computer and click 

You have now completed the enrollment process and the next time you log in, we will recognize you and display your private authentication image and pass phrase.

What is the purpose of Challenge Questions?

Challenge questions will only be displayed if you log in to our Internet Banking System from a public computer or a computer different from the one used during your enrollment. If we do not recognize the computer, we will verify the answer to your Challenge Question to make sure it is you trying to access your account. This additional layer of security is designed to protect your account information from unauthorized access and helps us identify you when you are logging into Internet Banking from an unknown computer. You will have the opportunity to "register" the computers you regularly use to access our Internet Banking System. Once you have successfully answered the question, we will show you your private authentication image and pass phrase.

Once you are enrolled in PassMark, complete the following steps to securely log in to Internet Banking.

1.   Log in using your current Access ID and click SUBMIT
2.   Your image and pass phrase will be displayed
3.   If the image and pass phrase match the image and pass phrase selected during enrollment,
      then enter your password and click SUBMIT
4.   If the image and pass phrase do not match contact a Deerwood Bank Customer Service
      Representative at (651) 628-5909 or (877) 382-2265.

To change your pass phrase or private authentication image, follow these steps:

1.   Log in to Internet Banking
2.   From the main menu, select Options - Change Security Data
3.   Change image and phrase
      a. Select Change Image hyperlink - a library of images will be displayed. Select your new image
          and check the Remember Image box and double click on the image
      b. Change Authentication Pass Phrase by typing in your new pass phrase
      c.  Click SUBMIT after making your changes.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact a Customer Service Representative at (651) 628-5909 or (877) 382-2265.



American Bank of St. Paul is now Deerwood Bank as successor by merger with American Bank of St. Paul.

Deposits serviced at offices of the former American Bank of St. Paul and Deerwood Bank are NOT separately insured by the FDIC.

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